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France, first tourist destination in the world for its cuisine, its terroir, or the diversity of its regions can not rest for diving. And for good reasons ! It is indeed in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, that Jacques Cousteau established art and rules of scuba diving in inventing the first independent regulator.

Where to dive in France?

Diving in Normandy

Vast submarine cemetery, it houses hundreds of wrecks, poignant account of the landing. Most of them are within less than 25 meters deep, to the delight of inexperienced divers. Arromanches-les-Bains and the museum of shipwrecks from Bessin harbor are important steps for history buffs.

The Riviera

Most commonly called Côte d'azur in French, and its beautiful beaches, is also a favorite destination for divers for its assets, its warm and crystal clear water in summer, and the great diversity of dive sites, wrecks, falling ...

Dive in Corsica

Corsica is a beauty island with many natural reserves, will delight divers with its magnificent canyons and drop-offs overgrown multiple corals. Lavezzi islands are especially popular divers for the abundant marine life, the presence of many large groupers and dozens of wrecks of all kinds lining the funds submarines.

West Coast and Glenan Islands

This location attract many divers for its emerald green waters. Abundant wildlife, pout, conger eel, lobster, crabs, crawling on the granite rocks. Laminar giants have a wonderful show and many species are hiding there, you open your eyes! Last asset, not least, its dive sites are often poorly attended which makes it even more interesting experience.

best time to go diving in France?

It depends on the region you want to dive and what you are looking for. Basically, the best time to dive in the north of France is in the summer, from June to August. In Atlantic and the Mediterranean, it is best to enjoy warmer water and better visibility during in the summer season, but it is also the tourist season.

Scuba Diving conditions

Visibility is generally worse in the north but can reach 30 4 meters in the waters of mediterranean on the Riviera or in Corsica.
The currents are generally low but we advise you to consult the regions below for details.
Difficulty: France abounds in sites easy but also wreck for experienced divers. Visit our diving destinations for more details
The temperature of the water to 26 ° méditérannée in August. In the sleeve or in Brittany, water rarely exceeds 20 ° Celsius.

What to see while diving and snorkeling?

France is bordered by many seas, so it is difficult to give an exhaustive list of species living there. You will not encounter large pelagic fish except groupers, sunfish and turtles. The lucky ones can dive with dolphins and maybe even whales. By consulting the below areas, you will find more informations about the common species. And do not forget that France remains one of the best destinations in the world for wrecks, both for quantity than quality, in Normandy and in the Var!

Fishes and sea creatures

Sea Horse
Moray eel
Homarus Lobster

Dive Sites / Diving Shops

You know a dive spot that does not appear on this map? Help us!

Best diving spots

Donator (Prosper Schiaffino SS)France
6 Reviews
Alcione CFrance
2 Reviews

Best centers

CIP Bendor - BandolFrance
5 Reviews
Aquatic Rando FréjusFrance
3 Reviews

2 review
Francois 11/07/2017
I love scuba diving in France. Corsica in called "ile de beaute" in french. It literally means beauty island and this name fits corsica pretty well. scuba diving there is amazing but my favorite place to dive in France is definitely Marseille. Scuba diving has been invented in marseille by the commandant Cousteau and you understand why the man was so fascinated by scuba diving when you see the beautiful coast of south of france.

Finey 14/12/2016
Destination plongée peu connu mais incroyable, la corse reste mon endroit favori. Si vous n'avez pas le temps d'aller en Asie, plonger près de chez vous :)