Review Scuba DIving Sicily, everything you need to know

Sicily is an Italian island which has an autonomous government and also the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea. Its crystalline water has even been the set of the movie “Le Grand Bleu”, the famous master piece of Luc Besson and every year, millions of divers enjoy to explore these waters. Not so far, another archipelago is very popular among divers, the Aeolian Islands. The region has an important number of amazing dives the Secca Del Bagno or the Secca Della Columbara, often described as one of the ten best dive spots of Europe.

When to go diving in Sicily?

Like most of the other countries and islands of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has a soft climate and rare currents. Notice that the water remain transparent 11 months a year.
The best period to dive in Sicily is from April to November. You should however avoid to go there in August because of the strong presence of tourists.

Scuba diving conditions

The visibility in and around Sicily is exceptional, 50 to 130 feet, 11 months a year.
Currents : The currents are very weak and very rare.
Difficulty : Beginnners and advanced divers can both dive in Sicily.
The water temperature in Sicily goes from 14° to 25°C (57° to 77°F).

What to see while diving?

Diving in Italy and especially in Sicily is a very good choice because in its waters you can observe a diversified fauna and beautiful flora. Its topography varies a lot, going from great underwater walls, pumice-stone and even black sand. The impressive gorgonians and corals standing there will take the words right out of your mouth. A lot of crustaceans live in these waters. You will find there a lot of nudibranchs and attend a wonderful and colorful show. A great number of barracudas also swim there. In spite of having impressive teeth, this fish remains harmless for divers. It will be possible for you to observe large groupers, since this fish can reach 1, 20 meter width. Very famous among photographers, the Parrotfish also live in the waters of Sicily. This coral and colorful fish can reach 22 pounds and 1 meter width. Finally, the numerous diving spots of the Mediterranean sea also contains >moray eels, the long snake shaped fish. Divers commonly bring some food to get it out its hole, but you should be careful in order to avoid to be bitten!

Fishes and sea creatures

Moray eel

Dive Sites / Diving Shops

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Best diving spots

Relitto CapuaItaly
2 Reviews
l'Isola Bella SudItaly
1 Reviews

Best centers

Diving Center La Gorgonia LipariItaly
3 Reviews
ASD Zingaro Diving CenterItaly
3 Reviews

1 Review
John Da Silveira
John Da Silveira 02/06/2017
Je conseille vivement et tout fan de plongé le site de Relitto del Kent où les plages sont magnifiques, la température de l’eau en Sicile est la plus agréable. L’eau est d’un bleu corail encore jamais vu dans aucune autre plage de Sicile. Je vous recommande fortement ce site pour la plongée en Sicile qui reste de loin mes plus beaux souvenirs sous-marines. N.B : Pour les plus gourmands je vous recommande le restaurant San Vito a Tavola où les spaghettis et poissons sont un délice ;)

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