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Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is, like its neighbor Réunion, an island of the Mascarene archipelago. Ideal for tourists, Mauritius has a lot of wonderful landscapes and idyllic beaches. Divers will be pleased by both land and underwater sceneries. The best dive sites of Mauritius are the Cathédrale in the western coast of the island, and the Stella Maru, a former Japanese trawler, in the northwestern part.

Best time to go diving in Mauritius?

As located in the southern hemisphere, Mauritius has an austral summer and an austral winter. The austral summer lasts from November to April and the water visibility and temperature are better. However, you should remain careful because of the great number of storms that occur in December and January. Indeed, these storms cloud the water and increase the power of currents. During the austral winter that goes on from May to October, the air and water temperatures are lower. From June to August, strong trade winds make the currents stronger and also make some dive spots unattainable. Even if it is possible to dive in Mauritius 365 days a year, the best period to dive is from November to April.

Diving conditions

The visibility is pretty good, from 65 to 130 feet.
The currents intensity depends on the area. In the southern and southeastern parts, the currents are violent and dangerous whereas the south western part only has mild-intensity currents. The western, northern and northwestern coasts are spared from wind and the dive spots there have optimal conditions for divers.
Level required: There every kind of dives in Mauritius, from beginners first dives to challenging dives for advanced divers.
The water temperature in Mauritius is between 23° and 82°C (73° and 82°F).

What to see while scuba diving?

Mauritius is essentially rich thanks to its exceptional underwater fauna and beautiful coral gardens. Pelagics, marine mammals, lionfish, reef fishes… Several species of moray eel live in these waters: leopard morays, giant morays, turkey morays… Some dive centers provide encounters with moray eels as the key activity of their center. The Caravelle dive spot will permit you to observe common stingrays but also eagle rays. A large number of groupers can be found in the Colorado dive spot. Because of its great presence in the Indian Ocean waters, you’ll maybe see a silvertip shark during your underwater explorations. Finally, we shall not forget that the Mauritius waters celebrities are nothing else that great cetaceans. Large dolphins, orcas and even cachalots. If some encounters are seasonal, the others can occur all year long. Do not hesitate to ask the dive center for information.

Fishes and sea creatures

Moray eel
Eagle ray

Dive Sites / Diving Shops

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Best diving spots

La CathédraleMauritius
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Confetti BayMauritius
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Best centers

Emperator Diving Center MauritiusMauritius
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Ocean Spirit MauritiusMauritius
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