Barracuda Lake

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From Novemeber to April

The amazing thermocline of Barracuda Lake ofPalawan

The dive site of Barracuda Lake is totally different than all usual dive spot. it is situated north west of Coron island of Palawan inside an old volcano!

This lake is not rich in Fauna. Even if you may dive with barracudas, shrimp and other small fish. But the rocky formation is just impressive ! But the most incredible thing to see is the Thermocline. You will start diving in fresh water at 28°C, deeeper you will go saltier the water will be. At the bottom you are diving in sea water at 38 °C! Moreover there is a cave at 30 meters deep. You will need the equipement and the skills to penetrate it. Becarefull with the silt, the cave is really narrow.

If you want to try this adventure, you must know that you will have to walk 30 minutes with all your diving gears on your back ! And pay around 75P for the entrance. But if you go in Coron Island and are tired with all the wreck dives :) you will definitely enjoy this dive spot. Barracuda Lake is also famous for snorkeling so all the family will enjoy the trip.

1 Review

Plonger dans un lac, dans un volcan et en plus il y a un grotte au fond, ce site de plongee est genial. Attention il fait très chaud au fond. Cette plongee est parfaite meme pour les debutants.
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