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From February to Novemeber

Chumphon Pinnacle, best dive site in Koh Tao

Chumphon Pinnacle is a 45 minute boat ride north of Koh Tao and is part of the best dive sites of Koh Tao . Some believe it is the best diving site in Koh Tao with Sail Rock. The dive site is sometimes seen as a cave diving because of its many swin through. It actually consists of four pinnacles ornamented with a multitude of anemones. Koh Tao dive shops regularly go on this exceptional site. You can dive with barracudas, giant groupers, big eyed jacks, trevelly, bat fish, ... From March to May and August to October, you should be able, with a little bit of chance, to dive with whale shark , often escorted of remoras and cobia. It is also possible to observe sailfish on this open ocean site.

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5 review

Not a great dive, no life, coral bleached, divers everywhere ... avoid it

One of the deep dive site around Koh Tao, and a really good one !!!! School of fusiliers and barracudas, giants groupers, giants barracudas, queenfishs and whale shark if you're lucky !!!

Champhon est un super site. Je viens d'y faire une fun dive. Pleins de plongeurs partout en effet ;) . Par contre, énormément de vie, des gros mérous, des yellowtails barracoudas. J'ai eu une super visibilité, pas de courant (plongée faite le 01.02.16). Je penses que c'est un must pour ceux qui passent à Kho Tao (avec Sail rock si les conditions sont bonnes).

Chumphon Pinnacle is the most famous dive site in and around Koh Tao. he dive site comprises of one huge granite pinnacle and a series of smaller pinnacles rising from the bottom at 36 metres to within 14 metres of the surface. Chumphon Pinnacle is abundant in marine life with huge schools of Big Eyed Jacks, Trevelly, Chevron Barracuda frequently seen along with King Mackerels and Giant Barracuda. Apparently, during the months of March - May and August - October There is also Whaleshark.

Soit disant la meilleurs de koh tao ... il n'y a rien à par des plongeurs
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