Fakarava Nord (Garuae)

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When to go?

From May to October

The largest Pass of Polynesia

The largest Pass of Polynesia (1,6 km), world famous for the incredible biodiversity that inhabits it and famous by its currents, sometimes violent, a dive into the Fakarava northern pass will undoubtedly be an experience and an imperishable memory. For safety and visibility reasons, we dive in this pass of Garuae only at the tidal spread or with the current returning according to the tide schedules and depending your level of diving.

One of the best place to dive in french polynesia

In the pass, all the encounters are possible from the outside fall from where the big babes can appear, from the entrance of the pass and its undulating canyons where you will see patrol the famous Raira (gray shark) by dozens, in a scenery colorful fishes, to the canyon of Ali Baba where you wait for the schools of fish gathered away from the current. This dive takes place between 30 m and 15 m deep, it requires a good experience, especially during strong currents and is therefore aimed at divers knowing well their buoyancy, their displacement and therefore their consumption.

Fishes and sea creatures

Grey Reef shark

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