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We’ve all complained at least once about our snorkel’s design, its discomfort or its filling up with water! Snorkeling enthusiasts, skin divers, open sea swimmers and swimming pool lovers, listen up! A revolution has just started in the snorkeling world with the release of AMEO’s Powerbreather.

Snorkels commonly suffer from two major problems:
- Water flooding your snorkel tube
- Uncomfortable fit and breathing

Ameo powerbreather

Forget about water filling in the tube!

The Powerbreather first impressed us with its waterproof system. Ameo has developed a system of innovative valves fixed to the end of the tubes that prevent water from entering the snorkel.

Ameo snorkel

Better breathing and enhanced comfort while swimming

This snorkel revolutionizes the way we breathe underwater. Unlike traditional snorkels, you breathe in and out via two completely separated channels. Only fresh air gets into your lungs. The air exhaled by the swimmer is not expelled through the tube but directly through a valve located under your mouth. For scuba divers, this will remind you the sensation of using a regulator. The key benefit of the Powerbreather is the permanent supply of fresh air, preventing any shortness of breath. For your information, a conventional snorkel increases anatomical dead space. This means that CO2 accumulates and may cause hypercapnia and anoxia, especially during exercise. There are three different membrane systems for just easily and relaxed breathing in (SPEED VENT easy), for medium (SPEED VENT medium) or intensive (SPEED VENT power) training of breathing technique and respiratory muscles.

Ameo snorkel powerbreather

Who is the Powerbreather for?

Ameo offers 3 different models ranging from 89 € to 124 €. The Powerbreather has a very broad range of applications and therefore the perfect sport device for many different targeted customers: like snorkelers, freedivers, recreational or fitness swimmers, competition swimmers, triathletes, people in rehabilitation. It can dramatically change the way you bang your laps in the pool or swim long distances in the open water and revolutionize your swimming routine. World champions already seem to have included this product in their work out sessions like Jan Frodeno (Ironman world champion) or Thomas Lurz (open water swimmer world champion).

Ameo powerbreather

What did we think of the Power breather?

We received the product in a beautiful storage case and with a pair of end caps. I instantly loved the snorkel’s unique design, so different from all the tubes I had. With its eye-catching design, the Powerbreather draws attention. Be ready to be answer questions from other swimmers! I tested it during a 1h30 session alternating freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly stroke and free diving. I experienced no shortness of breath, no air perdition and no water infiltration (even during flip turns). No matter how hard I tried to get water inside it, nothing happened! Even swimmers splashing water around me could not. After trying the Powerbreather tube, I can assure you that it perfectly fulfills its promises. Personally, I loved the experience and would highly recommend it.

ameo powerbreather

To sum up, the Power Breather is definitely for you if:
  • - You swim regularly as a recreational or fitness swimmer. No fighting with breathing anymore.
  • - You want to improve your performance and breathing experience as a competition swimmer, triathlete or free-diver.
  • - You want to experience snorkeling and free diving in a new dimension.
  • - You feel short on breath during exercise.
  • - You are asthmatic.
  • - You cannot stand any longer to have your snorkel filled with water.

Avoid it if :
  • - You are afraid to look like an alien.
  • - You swim twice a year
  • - You have a low budget

We believe that the Powerbreather could be a “game changer” in how to swim in the future, similar to the development of the swim googles. 20 years before just the competition swimmers used a google, today almost everybody. In 5 to 10 years you will take your google or mask and your Powerbreather to enjoy swimming for your health or just snorkeling for your enjoyment.

ameo powerbreather

If you are interested and you want more information, please refer to:

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Daniel Arrieta Echave
Daniel Arrieta Echave 19/05/2017
Hola! Tengo 41 años y llevo toda la vida buceando. Buceo con y sin botella. Vivo en España y paso la mitad del año buceando con el clásico snorkel. Nunca me ha dado problemas y estoy acostumbrado a usarlo. Pero entiendo que el Power Breather puede ser un paso adelante. Lo he probado y estoy encantado!!!! Todavía estoy acostumbrándome, pero creo que puede ser el snorkel del futuro!!! (bueno, para mí ya es el snorkel del presente, je, je...). Yo estoy muy satisfecho usándolo...os lo recomiendo!!!

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