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What are the 10 best diving sites of Corsica ?

Corsica is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands and one of the best diving destinations in France. The numerous nature reserves such as Finocchiarola, Tre Padule de Suartone, Cerbicale, Les bouches de Bonifacio, and the famous reserve of Scandola, classified as a world heritage by UNESCO, preserve underwater life. Diving in Corsica means, above all, discovering impressive rock structure, visiting exceptional wrecks and diving with grouper, moray eels and typical fishes of the Mediterranean. The experienced diver will also enjoy the diversity of the wrecks that are found all around the island.

What are the most beautiful diving sites in Corsica? What can you see on the best dive sites in Corsica? The answer to all these questions is in our TOP of the best diving spots of Corsica. If you wish to dive in Corsica, do not hesitate to consult the list of the best diving centers in Corsica.

La Revellata

Type : Classic dive
Difficulty : PADI Open water diver

At the edge of the Scandola nature reserve, the scuba diving spot is a wide canyon evolving between 15 and 35 meters deep. You will be able to explore the many small caves and tunnels that will punctuate your exploration. You will meet groupers, moray eels, scorpion fish, sea bass, beautiful tuna, mostelles and lobsters. If you are lucky, you will encounter several magnificent rays such as devil ray, mobula, eagle or stingray. You will also find the imposing brains of Neptune, immense hard corals as well as the usual flora of the Mediterranean.

dive site Revelatta diver

Alcione C

Type : Wreck Dive
Difficulty : PADI Advanced diver

The wreck lies 35 meters deep on the sand. The highest part of the wreck is 24 meters deep and therefore requires an advanced level to access it. Although the carcass has been suffering a lot through the years, the experience is worth a dive. This wreck is gigantic and is often considered as the best dive wreck in Corsica. The latter is very popular among photographers who greatly appreciate its universe and its special atmosphere. Finally, you should know that the wreck is already well inhabited and you should cross corbs and large groupers.

Dive wreck advance diver corsica

Punta Locca

Type: Cave diving
Difficulty: Accessible at any level / FFESSM Level 3 or PADI Advanced Diver to see everything.

The spot is located near the southern part of the beach of Liamone and offers an impressive relief composed of vertiginous fall, drop off, tunnels, caves, breaks, vaults for a magnificent vertical dive. These asperities serve as habitat for most endemic Mediterranean species such as corbs, musels, dentists, scorpionfish, nudibranchs, sea breams, anthias ... The site is accessible to every levels and some centers go there for try dive and diving baptisms but it will take a level 3 or a PADI Advance with specialty deep to explore the entirety of this exceptional site.

dive site Pointe Locca diver

Cirques de marifaja

Type: Diving
Difficulty: Accessible at any level / FFESSM Level 2 or PADI Advanced diver for the big circus.

This dive site of Corsica stands out thanks to its impressive reliefs and wide rock walls of nearly 15 meters encircling magnificent little circuses of sand. You will come across stingrays, morays, grouper and many other species of Mediterranean. PADI Advance divers will have the chance to go down to 26 meters to discover a magnificent and particularly wide circus jealously guarding the secret of its magnificent Mediterranean mother-of-pearl.

Diving site circus marifaja corsica france diver


Type: Classic Dive
Difficulty: Open water Diver

The Peelu shoal, commonly called merouville, is located in the natural reserve of the Lavezzi Islands. The peculiarity of this diving spot in Corsica lies in the large family of thirty groupers who inhabit its three large rocky plateaus, between 16 meters and 30 meters deep. The latter are accustomed to the presence of the divers and they sometimes allow divers to caress them. The site is also inhabited by the usual fauna of the Mediterranean as well as barracudas, octopuses and stingrays.

Diving site merouville corse france plongeur

Boeing B17

Type: Diving Wrecks
Difficulty: PADI Advanced diver

It is a wreckage of a magnificent B-17 Bomber shot down in February 1944 by German fighters. It lies to the north of the citadel of Calvi and lies at a depth of 27 meters. Its wings are still intact and attached to the cabin and the bunkers as well as the cockpit are still in good conditions. On the other hand, the engines are not well preserved. The imposing wreck, is often visited by morays, girelles, congers and labrum. This wreck is definitly part of the best wrecks of corsica.

diving wreck corsica advance diver


Type: Diving Wreck
Difficulty: FFESSM Level 2 or PADI Advanced diver

The wreck of the canadair lies 30 meters deep on a wide sand bank since September 12, 1971. It sank due to a technical problem during a mission to fight the fire. It is not really inhabited but is rather well preserved and turns out to be very interesting to visit. You will probably encounter a large sedentary lobster, new captain of the wreck as well as flabellines and groupers.

Diving site wreck corsica


Type: Diving Wreck
Difficulty: PADI Advanced diver

La Pecorella is located near the beach of Cyprien, next to the city of Porto Vecchio. This wreck, probably one of the most visited and known in southern Corsica, sank on the night of November 30, 1965. This small freighter offers us a pleasant wreck diving, accessible to any level given the fact that the wreck is only 14 meters deep.

Dive site pecorella corsica france diver

Les Cathedrales

Type: Classic Dive
Difficulty: Any level

Located to the north of the Bay of Ajaccio, the diving site is accessible to all levels and allows the diver to evolve between 6 meters and 60 meters deep. The dive spot is made up of huge rocky arrows covered with magnificent red corals and beautiful yellow anemones. Morays, dentists, barracudas, lobsters, girelles, clavelines and beautiful grouper regularly visit this dive site.

Diving spot cathedrales corsica france


Type: Diving cave 
Difficulty: Any level

This great scuba diving site in Corsica is actually made of three distinct dive spots. One of them, probably the most interesting, is for experienced divers only and offers a magnificent deep dive in the cave of Campanina which is 40 meters deep.

dive spot campanina diver

Capo Rosso

Type: Classic dive 
Difficulty: Any level

Capo Rosso is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful diving sites of Corsica and allows the diver to enjoy the underwater rock formations of the island of beauty. Indeed, this site consists of magnificent walls and rocky peaks. It also benefits from a very various and colorful flora. You will also encounter beautiful moray eels, lobsters as well as beautiful pink anthias, scorpionfish, stingrays, sea bass and dentists. Be aware that a light current flows regularly through the scuba diving spot.

Diver capo rosso corsica france


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