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Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Best raja ampat dive resort

The Papua paradise Eco Resort is an outstanding isolated and luxurious resort which is along the impressive shoreline of remote islands : Birie in Raja Ampat. It’s abounding with extraordinary feathered creature life, lavish wilderness foliage, and a staggering exhibit of fauna. Not to mention the wonderful underwater life that will enjoy scuba diving lover.

This amazing Island is the perfect place for scuba lovers and the best place to spot manta rays, sharks and colorful corals while diving. If it is not enough for you, with some luck you may also spot some dugongs there! For sure, it’s not guaranteed.

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The Rooms and Facilities

If you are looking for one of the best resort in Raja, the Papua Paradise Eco Resort will be a great choice. The resort offers 26 bungalows over the water built in the traditional local style. They used beautiful local material to make those spacious rooms beautiful, luxurious and typical!

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With the sounds of the jungle behind and the waves lapping below guests can be as close to nature as possible without having to give up any of the comforts of a luxury hotel.

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At the heart of the resort is a lounge and bar area where guests can relax and enjoy chatting, reading or just having a drink at the end of the day.

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If this is not enough, the Spa will help you to make your choice. The resort got the only luxury Spa in Raja Ampat and their speciality are relaxation, rejuvenation and beauty treatments, as well as Ayurvedic techniques from India and Southeast Asia. If you need to relax you have two choice then, going for a dive or a massage!

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If you are not a diver no worries, there is plenty of things to do on lands. The resort can propose you different day trips and treks to cultural visits!

Diving in Raja ampat a good idea?

If you are looking for a dive center you must go with Gangga Divers at Papua Paradise. This dive center is one of few PADI five star in Raja Ampat. They have both local and international divemaster and dive instructor that will make you dive safely within the PADI standards! For example, Ganga divers promise you no more than four people per divemaster.

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If you are looking for great diving boat, Ganga divers is the good place! All the boats are equipped with oxygen tanks, safety kits and last generation diving equipment. Moreover they will serve you snacks, fruits and beverage on board.

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Maybe you do not know it yet, but Papua is one of the best place to dive in the world. More than seventy five percent of the coral species are waiting there, for you, underwater and more than 1000 different species of fish can be found on the Papua’s seabed.

What is the best dive spot in Raja Ampat? There is no clear answer has there is hundreds of amazing place to jump in the water.

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