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Full face snorkeling masks, how safe are they?

Is the use of the full face mask dangerous? This question is discussed a lot on medias and among snorkeling lovers. Its recent popularity and an unfortunate accident in Hawaii rose doubts and questions about its reliability. Indeed, a low quality full face snorkeling mask caused the death of a snorkeler in Hawai. Supervisors and manufacturers are struggling to bring you more clarity on the subject. Let's us help you find the right full-face snorkeling masks.

Full snorkeling mask, a potential danger?

While snorkeling is not dangerous, during physical activity, we may breathe the wrong way, which can lead to complications and potential danger. Indeed, too much concentration of inhaled carbon dioxide in a small and closed space while we breathe can cause terrible headaches, vertigo and even a phase of unconsciousness. Our body needs fresh air, ie oxygen for ventilation to function normally and has no harmful effects. Decathlon was the first manufacturer, in 2014, to develop an integral snorkeling mask. The large tuba, connected to the cranial part, is totally safe to use. Its main function is to pass fresh air through the tuba and ultimately reject the used CO2 automatically. But counterfeits or poorly designed series can be the cause of binding situations during a snorkeling trip. This is why it is essential to choose the right equipment. But do not worry! If you carefully check the brands and if you choose the right size mask, your marine getaway will be more enjoyable and risk free.

Beware of scams!

The country of origin is not really the main point. Articles produced in China may very well be of similar quality than products made in Europe, USA or Australia. Compare prices, check the comments and there you can determine if an item is an original or a counterfeit. It's about your health, the health of your friends or your children. Scams of all kinds run the streets and shops. Profit is privileged to the health of others. The key word is SECURITY.

How to use your full face snorkeling mask?

It is imperative to use an approved full face snorkeling mask. The big trusted brands like Decathlon or Scubastore are there to meet your expectations, advise you and offer you the best possible follow-up. The snorkeling masks have an adjustable elastic textile strap that does not pull the hair. The size of the mask is a factor of primary importance. We advise you to choose a S / M size mask for women and teenagers; a size M / L is rather reserved for men. It offers a panoramic view of the seabed at 180 °. The concept allows a fast evacuation of the fog, a great comfort and a good sealing. If you follow perfectly the instructions mentioned above, your exploration will only be more appreciable!

The most reliable integral snorkeling masks on the market

Easybreath from Subea

Price: 50 to 65 USD

Decathlon is the leading manufacturer of full-face snorkeling masks. With Easybreath, the price / quality ratio is very interesting and the reviews are rather positive. It offers an incomparable diving experience accessible to all.

Head Sea Vu Dry

Price: 120 USD
Although price is a bit high, the Head Sea Vu Dry face mask is considered as one of the most elaborate and of unparalleled quality full-face snorkeling mask.


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Brault 27/12/2018
" Bonjour, je me permets de donner un avis, défavorable, sur ce masque. Ce produit est un non sens. Entrer dans l'eau et entamer une "promenade liquide" (que le fond soit à 5,10 ou 15 mètres) demande de la méthode et des outils qui aident le corps à se confronter à cet élément qui n'est pas le nôtre. Les palmes et les combinaisons sont des sujets très importants à aborder mais ne sont pas l'objet de la discussion. Je pense qu'il est fondamental se séparer vision et respiration ( mais celle-ci doit être néanmoins privilégiée). S'il y a un problème de vision (problème avec le masque) on peut se concentrer sur la respiration; si un problème de tuba survient, on se concentre sur ce qu'on voit pour gagner du temps, se remettre de ses émotions et gérer le problème de respiration. Lier les deux diminue les probabilités de gérer un éventuel problème. De plus, comme tout le monde le sait, on commence par se promener en flottant puis on essaye de descendre un peu, puis un peu plus...Réaliser cet exercice avec ce masque est une hérésie, impossible d'équilibrer! Il est certain que l'eau qui entre dans le nez et les oreilles doit être acceptée et gérée le plus finement possible, ne pas pouvoir agir sur l'équilibre et la pression s'oppose à l'idée même du contact avec l'eau. Cela fait des années que je dissuade mes amis d'acheter ce genre de produit et que je leur conseille un bon apprentissage de ce sport plutôt que valider l'utilisation d'un produit qui s'adapte à la fainéantise du plus grand nombre. "

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