Splash Drone 3

Swellpro Waterproof Splash Drone 3 Auto review by Spotmydive

Hello everyone! You've been asking it us for a while now: is there any waterproof flying drone on the market? The answer is yes! We were able to test this summer the Splash Drone 3 (3rd generation) of Swellpro and here is our review:

Getting started with the Splash drone

At Spotmydive we are used to underwater drones and fly drones. The Splash drone is, however, very different from the drones we know.
The Swellpro Splash Drone comes with a video transmitter, a radio remote control, a 4K camera and its stabilizer and an FPV display. The drone can seem rustic at first sight, however he is well developed and finished even if some wires are no hidden. This drone is a true 4X4 amphibious very simple to mount and start.
The drone is super powerful and can easily fight against winds up to 50 km/h and it can land (or crash) in the water without any worries. There are several interesting flight modes and the handling, once in the air, is very simple.
We had difficulties with the controller who could not receive any image, according to the manufacturer, we may have left the drone too long in the sun. Anyway, the video feedback on the controller is rather good quality.

Fly the Splash Drone 3

Once in the air, the Splash is as easy as a Phantom or a DJI. However be carefull this drone is extremely powerful and does not have pale cover. Be careful therefore to respect the flight instructions! The main quality of the Splash Drone is to be able to land on water without any problem. You can even film the seabed from the surface.

splash drone 3 auto

Video Quality

The Splash Drone comes with a native 4K camera and a 4-axis Gimball. The stabilizer is excellent and the footage great.


The autonomy of the Splash UAV is unfortunately quite low since after 15 minutes of flights, we had no battery and had to start the "return home" mode. Fortunately, we had spare batteries and it was easy to change them.

splash drone 3 auto

Splash drone good battery?

The autonomy of the Splash is unfortunately quite low since after 15 minutes of flights, we had no battery and had to use the "return home" mode. Fortunately, we had spare batteries and it was easy to change.

Splash drone easy to carry?

Unlike the last drone from DJI, the Splash Drone is quite large. It comes in a practical but bulky case. Of course, this is not a drone that you will carry everywhere in your backpack and it is not its goal anyway.

What is the Splash Drone price ?

You'll find the 3rd generation Splash Drone online at a price of €1,899 for the classic version, €2,049 for the + version and €2,499 for the XTREM-ACT version

Technical specifications

  • Sizes : 61 x 47 x 52 cm
  • Weight : 2,38 kg
  • Maximum flight altitude : 4000 meters
  • Movement speed : 8m/s (11-16 nots)
  • Battery : 15 to 20 minutes
  • Pros

    + Amphibious and for us, travelers and divers, it's important
    + Very robust
    + Engine power
    + Back flawless image
    + Several flight modes
    + Resists strong winds
    + Camera 4k
    + Battery easy to change
    + Cheap vs another amphibious drone

    Cons :

    - Trouble to connect the remote at first
    - Wire visible
    - Cannot adjust white balance in flight
    - Simple to use but more complicated than the last drone of the market
    - Very short battery, only 15 minutes of flight

    splash drone 3 auto

    This drone is for you if you are looking for a sturdy drone that will withstand seawater. The drones we usually use, would not have survived more than 5 minutes to our various tests. So if you like to fly over water, if you are looking for a drone for your boat or if you want a indestructible drone, the Splash drone is for you.


    2 review

    Eric O. Cavazos 26/09/2019
    " Buenas tardes. Ahora que veo la demostración del Splash Dron 3, por video me han surgido muchas dudas, #1 Cuales son sus modos de vuelo, #2¿que tipo de almacenaje de memoria tiene? #3 y he leeido el comentario de abajo, como puede uno como comprador estar seguro de las garantias y obtención de refacciones y accesorios adicionales si existen este tipo de situaciones que son escritas en público en lugar de ser solucionadas de forma directa, yo creo que la seriedad de las personas que estamos en busca de un Dron con caracteristicas como el Splash Dron 3, llegamos a dudar de la seriedad de la empresa que lo esta poniendo a la venta, me gustaria conocer más caracteristicas sobre este Dron y especificaciones técnicas y poder ver videos las tomas en los diferentes modos de vuelos... agradezco su amable atención, saludos Eric Orlando Cavazos "
    Mark 12/04/2019
    " Here I have copied and pasted a letter I wrote to the CEO of the company I met him personally and my Drone Company was seeking to be a dealer, I am so glad we did not! If any want the full string of emails and letters please email me at airborneworks@gmail.com be happy to share the horror story. July 24, 2017 Eric Hue SwellPro RE: Repair and return of a product purchased Dear Eric: I do hope this message finds you well! The tone of your last message to me required me to take some time to formulate this reply. First and foremost I wanted to let you know I have a large amount of respect for you and your company and that I understand in principle your position and how you may feel this way about our dealings. It is important for us both to revisit the facts of our dealings to this point which I feel will clear up any misunderstandings that there are. I want to clarify my position and understanding of the following facts: #1 As you well know my first contact with your company was with the intention to evaluate your product with the goal of selling them as a result of the demos we were to do for our growing client base of Fire departments, first responders as well any US government agencies we might sell to. #2 Between myself you and your team ( primarily Joyce and Patrick ) we established that we were to purchase a demo unit at a discounted from MSRP price. with the intention of evaluation and using it as a demo this first order was approved directly from you as you skype me the following:

 [11/14/16, 8:20:22 AM] Eric - CEO of Swellpro Technology: you can start from few pcs
 [11/14/16, 8:20:28 AM] Eric - CEO of Swellpro Technology: can try sample first [11/14/16, 8:20:43 AM] Eric - CEO of Swellpro Technology: but i believe you will make good money” And you can try to order a sample to test and prepare yourself” We all came to an agreed price and I ordered one unit with the understanding these were to be samples and I made it very clear that this one unit was for evaluations first as we have never had one of your products, and then demo it to help grow sales.
 On 11/15/16, at 11:03 AM, Mark wrote: “Again I'm using this for demo purposes only I'm trying to keep our costs down initial orders so that we can demo the product and build sales” The goal was clearly to build sales, this does not happen overnight! 

Copy of the First Order invoice we Paid to you in full! Paying full MSRP price or a discounted price should not be the issue here, we both agreed on this price with the goal of building a business relationship and sales. The first unit, as well as the 2nd unit provided from the Las Vegas show, was to be for product evaluation as well as for future demo, this is a very important fact you must acknowledge Eric. You got paid and I got the product. #3 On the second unit we all came to an agreement based on our meeting at the Las Vegas show. We wanted to obtain the 2nd UAV for our South Carolina location for my partner Chad to evaluate the UAV and possible demo, ( for future sales opportunities ) and we both agreed on a price, we also agreed that we would proof ALL your docs and Website in trade for this hardware, but you felt uncomfortable with my offer as you have never done business with me or my company before, and I respected that doubt and I offered a refundable payment of $1500.00 ( that you agreed to pay me back once ALL proof work was done) So I had no issue paying that money, as I wanted you to trust us. #4 You know as well as your team that both the aircraft sent had issues out of the box, the #1 unit had flight control issues and the #2 unit from Vegas had not only flight control issues but also gimbal control issues and we discovered a water leak in the unit after evaluation and found a shorted board we sent all pics and info to Patrick . #5 Upon our meeting in Las Vegas with your approval I set up meetings in LA, to lay the groundwork for possible distribution networks, thinking ( based on our dinner meeting ) you wanted us involved in the USA joint venture. I took my time to meet these people while at the same time I and my team were trying to iron out the issues we had been having with BOTH Splash drones that I paid for. The bottom line is you got your money and I got not one but 2 drones that did NOT work as advertised. So if anyone should be bitter, it should be me. However, I understand things happen and a very reasonable man and I have up to this point provided your company the benefit of doubt in this matter. #6 After documenting on a number of Videos and with many emails the issues with the 2 Drones always crashing it was agreed to have them sent back. And Airborne Works paid over $275 to do so. I was told that your team would evaluate the issues and repair the units and ship them back, which to date has yet to happen! This created two important issues that I feel you are overlooking here. #1 We both agreed on cost and I paid those cost, and your job was to provide me with a working product. Even if I had paid full price, Eric, the issue is not the price but the FACT that not one of the aircraft I received work as it should have! As you well know I had Demo’s to do on dates I promised and we had NO working product to Demo! What really bothers me Eric is that you all knew that the SD2 version I received had known flight control ( toilet bowl ) issues and yet you still sold them to me , we know this is the fact as you no longer use that Flight control system in SD3, so PLEASE do not try to convince me that you sold me good working product. #2 Me and my team did much to evaluate, ( many hours) of videotape and share with you the issues we had, there is NO question on this, I even drove to NYC to meet Thomas to get an OLDER version so I would have at least something to demo, as your team had NOT sent the ones I needed back for the Demo date I had! So you know Eric the DRONE I got from Thomas to date that one has ALSO never flown right and I will return this one to him so you know I am not attempting to take advantage of you in any way! During all this: Since SwellPro was in the midst of launching SD3 ( as disclosed to me in Vegas) We all talked and agreed that instead of sending back the older SD (we sent back for repair ) we wanted to be able to demo the New SD3 product as that is what would be available moving forward. I need to clarify a few things here Eric: First, our clients work off of yearly budgets, they do not have cash sitting around for assets to purchase they need to put the request in the next years budget for the products. Based on the two demos we have done thus far, we now know that no less than 4 departments have put money into their budget for the Waterproof UAV solution. I want to say THANK YOU for getting us the SD3, although within days before the demo, none the less it is a really huge improvement over the older ones you sold to me. I VALUE the fact you have provided us one for the most recent demo! You have done a great job with this product! You said recently ( and i was shocked ) that you would not provide me another FREE unit! I am confused Eric as I have never asked for a free unit, the fact is I have paid the agreed to price, and to date, I only have one aircraft the SD3 and it was not free, and that one came with a cracked prop and to date is still not safe to fly! All I am asking for my friend is to PLEASE provide us with replacement props for the SD3 and replace one of the other original SD I sent back so I have the two that I paid. I need them all to perform and fly as advertised. That's all I am asking for, nothing more. If you want us to help you sell these here in the USA we will need the following: #1 Replacement props for SD3 #2 Replacement of one of the Splash Drones I sent back for repair. #3 Provide USA based inventory on both Drones and Parts for fast shipping on orders #4 Provide USA based warranty & non-warranty service center(s) for fast client turn around I value our business relationship Eric and have a large amount of respect for you. I have never given you a reason not to trust me and have done what I have said I have set out to do. Frankly, your expectations of large sales orders are not practical for three very obvious reasons: 1: I have yet to be provided a product I can reliably and safely demo. 2: Our relationship is only 7 months old, I am not selling to the general public like Urban drones I am selling to professionals and they require a long sales cycle due to budgets. 3: Proper product support is required here in the USA for the products we represent. Please know we will not place any orders on products that have no support here in the United States this is vital to not only your brand but the brand of Airborne Works as well, as our reputation is attached to any products or services we sell to our clients. Please return to Airborne Works the SD we paid for along with good props and then we may discuss your plans for Support here in the USA and any further possible sales with our client base. I treat everyone I deal with fairly and I expect to be treated the same way by you as I am sure you are also a reasonable man and ask that you evaluate above-stated facts and please live up to your end of the agreement we have in place and return to us what we paid for. Respectfully & Sincerely yours, "

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