silfra best dive site in Island

Silfra, best dive site in Iceland?

Every year, a large number of divers are attracted by a hidden volcanic lake, Þingvallavatn lake located 45 minutes away from Reykjavik, Iceland. How can people be attracted by such a hostile place where the water tempeture barely exceeds 2°C ?

Silfra best diving spot

Iceland, a country in between two tectonic plates

Iceland is located in the northwestern part of Europe. A breach that divides the country into two tectonic plates, Eurasian and North American makes Iceland particularly uncommon. This phenomenon leads to strong volcanic and geothermal activities that please the tourists. A lot of breaches exist all over the island, going from a few centimetres to dozens metres deep, some filled up with spring water allowing divers to get in. Diving in Iceland is trully a unique experience.

best dive spot

Silfra, Iceland best diving site ?

There are many reasons to consider Silfra as one of the most beautiful diving spot in the world:
• One is, the exceptional transparency. Forget about the beautiful Asian spots, forget about a swim at the town swimming pool. It is impossible to find better that those 300 metres of transparency. The feeling of free space and depth is so intense that diving centers tenants have to warn divers suffering from vertigo.
• The topography consists of various rocky walls and is, in a simple word, stunning. Diving into a narrow luminous pit constitutes a real experience already.
• Finally, the fact divers can at the same time put both their hands on the North American and on Eurasian continents is a magic sensation. This is the only place on Earth where divers can directly dive into an in between continents plates breach.


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