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    Discovery of the underwater lake that kills almost everything

    Scientific expedition in the Gulf of Mexico It’s been a year since the “Jacuzzi of despair” was discovered by the scientists of the organization Ocean Exploration Trust. A new sampling campaign was held this year to learn more about this hostile place. In 2015, the diving robot of the Nautilus boat explores a strange underwater […]


    Humanoid diving robot hunts for shipwreck treasures

    A big move has been made in the seabed exploration field. The humanoid robot “Ocean One” created at Stanford University, with the collaboration of the French departement Drassm, was launched to discover the remains of the famous wreck: “La Lune”, a famous Louis XIV frigate that sank near the city of Toulon, France, in 1664. […]


    21 ways to overcome motion sickness

    Motion sickness can ruin your travels and dives but it doesn’t have to. The team at have compiled the best tips to beat motion sickness, allowing you to reach your perfect dive sites and leave motion sickness far behind. Check out their motion sickness infographic below to find out more and save a copy […]

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