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    World’s biggest underwater cave found in Mexico

    Divers have recently discovered, in eastern Mexico, two connected caves, Sac Actum 263 km and Dos Ojos 83 km, which has the effect of making it the largest underwater cave in the world. According to the underwater archaeologist and project director, Guillermo de Anda, “this huge underwater cave presents the world’s largest underwater archaeological site, […]


    The best dive sites of Marseille

    Marseille and its surroundings are full of wonderful dive sites. The Rioux archipelago has some of the best dive sites in France. Marseille is exceptional thanks to the wide diversity of dives types that the region offers. You will have the opportunity to discover some of the best wrecks in France but also magnificent dives […]


    What are the 10 best dive sites in Malta ?

    According to divers, diving in Malta is a must-see in Europe. There, are some of the best diving spots of the world, for example wonderful wreckships and extraordinary natural rock formations. In spite of having less living species than coral reefs, Mediterranean Sea still allows divers to spot barracudas, moray eels, groupers or Nudibranchs. For […]

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