Condiciones generales de utilizacion : socios


(Release No. 2016-01 - February 2016)



MYSPOT is a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 900 euros, whose registered office is 80, Place du Docteur Felix Lobligeois - 75017 Paris, registered with the Trade and Companies of Paris under number 813 472 784.


MYSPOT specializes in the operation of websites related but not limited to travel, sports and all recreational and entertainment events, and all related services in support, booking and sales online.


MYSPOT operates a platform (hereinafter the "Platform") accessible via the website or (hereinafter the "Site") allowing diving enthusiasts (hereinafter ( es) "Client (s)") to benefit from research, comparison and booking online products or services related to scuba diving (eg, baptisms, recreational diving, cruises, diving courses etc. ) available on the market, thanks to a bet directly related to diving centers, specialized companies in diving, cruise companies (hereinafter the "Suppliers").


Article 1 SCOPE

These general conditions of use of the Site by Suppliers (hereinafter the "CGUF") are intended to define the conditions of access and use of the Site and all services available through the Site by the Providers, except insofar as these services are subject to a separate contract. Specific terms or agreements may apply to the use of certain services and other elements that are provided to customers via the Site.


1.1 Acceptance of CGUF


The CGUF establish exclusively applicable contractual conditions between MYSPOT and Suppliers for the use of the Site.

 Any use of the Site and / or services offered requires consultation and acceptance without reservation of these CGUF by the Supplier.

 The express acceptance of CGUF by the Supplier at the time of booking a service, result of selection by one of the check box corresponding to the following sentence on the site:

 '' By checking this box, I acknowledge having read and unconditionally accepted the Terms of Service Providers Spotmydive Mangopay well as our payment partner. ''

 The acceptance of these also constitute full acceptance by the Supplier of the Terms MANGOPAY accessed and downloaded at the following address:


1.2 Changing CGUF


The CGUF applicable are those in effect on the day browsing the Site and / or the date of subscription and usage / service (s) on the Site. 

MYSPOT may have to change the CGUF at any time, subject to informing the users as they come into force by email and / or by publishing the changes on the Site.

MYSPOT update the CGUF indicating the date of last update on top of these CGUF. 

Any provider that continues to access / or use of the Site and / or service (s) (s) available (s) on the Site and does not refuse the changes after they have been published on the Site or notified to it by e-mail, confirms to agree with the new CGUF and accept them without reservation.

If the Supplier does not agree with CGUF in force, he can not use the Site or make a booking for any service offered on the Site.



Access to services offered to providers on the Site is open to any natural or legal person acting for purposes within the scope of his trade, business, craft, professional or personal (i) registering on the site and creating a vendor account, (ii) contacting the Company via the Site parameters related to the requested service, and (iii) accepting the contract documents.

Services offered to the Supplier on the Site are not intended for minors and to persons not having full legal capacity to contract under the present. 

Each provider has to meet on its administrative interface, all fields related to its services, cancellation policy and more generally any required information. 

The Supplier also undertakes to provide information (address, name, contact information, description, photos, logos, price etc.) sincere, accurate, current and complete information about his identity and contact details as requested in the registration form . MYSPOT reserves the right to request supplementary information or supporting documents necessary for the functioning of the Site Provider. In addition, the Supplier confirms that the communication tools (photo, video, logo ...) are its property and do not violate any third party rights, including copyright and other proprietary rights. By accepting these CGUFF you allow MYSPOT and assigns direct or indirect rights to publish, edit, copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, transform and generally operate all or part of photos / images uploaded to its sites (mobile) apps, promotional tools and publications (online and offline) for promotion, advertising, illustration of any activity by MYSPOT and / or its direct or indirect holders rights.


In the event that the Supplier provides false, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, misleading or likely to mislead, MYSPOT may, immediately and without notice or compensation whatsoever, suspend or terminate the account of the Supplier and deny access, either temporarily or permanently, to the platform.


The Supplier is solely responsible for the use, loss and / or misappropriation of its technical connection elements (identifiers, password etc.) and personal data. All access, use of services and data transmission performed from a personal account will be deemed made by the User.


If MYSPOT has reasonable grounds to believe that the security of the Site is violated or that it misused due to unauthorized use of the Electronic Identification means, it may proceed with the temporary suspension of the account to include to preserve the integrity of the Site and data, and if this appears appropriate, require the modification of these means of identification.


In the event that the Supplier would proceed to change his identification, he need only visit the site and change its settings in the "Account Settings" from his account.


Article 3 PROPERTY


The Website, its content and all the elements constituting the Platform, are works for which MYSPOT and / or, where applicable, its partners are the holders of all intellectual property rights and / or exploitation rights, in particular under copyright, database right, trademark law and the right of designs.


The Site, as well as software, databases, text, information, analyzes, images, photographs, graphics, logos, sounds or other data contained on the Site are the sole property of MYSPOT or, where applicable, of their owners respective with which they have signed agreements to use.


It is granted to the Supplier the right to non-exclusive, non-transferable and in private, the Site and the information contained on the Site. The right consists in a right of access to online data and information contained on the website, and a right of reproduction consisting of printing and / or saving consulted data and information. This right of use applies only for private use.


Any other use of the Site, including commercial, of the Supplier is prohibited. The Supplier shall refrain, without limitation, reproduce and / or represent for any purpose other than private, sell, distribute, transmit, translate, adapt, distribute and communicate full or in part in any form whatsoever any element, information or data from the Site.




4.1 MYSPOT provides an online portal through which (i) the supplier may propose underwater dives benefits (eg, baptisms, recreational diving, cruises, diving courses etc.), and (ii) through which customers can make a reservation with the same supplier.


4.2 By making a reservation through the Website, the Customer establishes a direct contractual relationship with the supplier concerned by the reservation. The Customer will be subject to the terms of the Supplier. MYSPOT not part of the contractual relationship relating to the products and services you book, unless expressly stated otherwise.


4.3 From the time the customer makes a booking, MYSPOT acts only as an intermediary between the Supplier and Customer, by sending the Supplier the booking details of the client, sending the Customer a confirmation e-mail to and on behalf of the Supplier, and proceeding to the payment of goods or services in question on behalf and for the account of the Customer.


By using the Site to book products and / or services, the Supplier authorizes and MYSPOT to represent him during the process of comparing different suppliers and when booking products and / or services to the Client.


4.4 Regarding the optional elements and special requests that the Customer may send in some cases to Suppliers, about a product / specific service, MYSPOT will forward them to the supplier concerned, which must make its best efforts to guarantee their execution. It is the Supplier's responsibility to confirm with the (s) Client (s) if these requests can be met.


4.5 A space will be available to users to enable them to:

- Note the dive sites / centers / cruises

- Comment dive sites

- Create and manage their profile page

- Register dives in his logbook online

- Add dive sites / centers / cruises in his wish list

- Post your photos to illustrate the dive sites / center / cruise

- Share actions on social networks

- Navigate interactive map allowing users to find the dive sites / centers / cruises according to their criteria

- Publish new dive sites (which are then submitted to administrators)

- Validate the dives through the centers MYSPOT partners



5.1 Best Price Guarantee


The Supplier agrees to supply the 'Best Price Guarantee', which means the lowest prices available across all booking method with the applicable dates. Moreover, the price offered on the Site should include all surcharges, applicable taxes or surcharges.


5.2 Execution of the services and information


Once the reservation is confirmed, the Supplier shall provide the services specified in the reservation. If for any reason whatsoever, the Supplier is not able to provide these services, the latter undertakes to make other arrangements to provide services of equal or higher quality, the load and / or refund Customer the costs related to such alternative arrangements.


The Supplier agrees to perform his services in accordance with the purpose and rules applicable in its sector.


It is committed to acting in the best interests of clients of the Platform, with prudence and diligence in the context of the implementation of the service.


The Supplier shall respond promptly to requests for information or booking validation sent MYSPOT, requests or complaints from customers related to diving services provided by the Supplier.

The Supplier shall not knowingly omitted information whose knowledge would have had the effect of disregard one or other of the parties to initiate a business relationship.


5.3 Liabilities for cancellation policy


The Supplier agrees to comply with the cancellation policy selected in accordance with the provisions of Article 4.6 above, and in particular not to charge a cancellation fee if the Client Platform respects the cancellation period as defined in the cancellation policy selected in the administration interface of the Site.


5.4 Availability


MYSPOT has developed and continues to improve its online booking tools. To avoid overbooking and to enable optimum operation of the reservation system the Supplier shall:

 • Inform the Client Platform via its administration interface of all central closure dates or more generally all dates on which the center will be unable to deliver its services or products within 24 hours prior to the creation an offer on the platform.

• Answer MYSPOT regarding reservation requests of the Platform for Clients within 24 hours to confirm availability and provide any additional information requested by the customer so that he can make reservations through the online booking system.


5.5 Right of withdrawal


The Supplier shall ensure that its terms expressly provide for the application of the statutory right of withdrawal to consumers within the meaning of the Code of French consumption, the conditions are set out below:


Article L121-21 

The consumer has a period of fourteen days to exercise his right of withdrawal from a distance contract, following a telephone solicitation or off-premises, without having to explain its decision or to bear other costs those provided in Articles L. 121-21-3 to L. 121-21-5. Any clause by which the consumer gives up his right of withdrawal is zero. The period mentioned in the first paragraph shall run from the day:

1 From the contract for service delivery contracts and those referred to in Article L. 121-16-2;


2. From the reception of the property by the consumer or a third party other than the carrier, designated by him, to contracts of sale of goods and contracts for the provision of services including the delivery of goods. For off-premises contracts, the consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal from the contract.


In the case of an order for several goods delivered separately or in the case of an order of a good consisting of multiple lots or pieces with delivery spread over a defined period, the period runs from receipt the last lot or property or the last piece.


For contracts for regular delivery of goods during a defined period, the period runs from the receipt of the first well.


Article L121-21-1

 When information about the right of withdrawal has not been provided to the consumer as provided in paragraph 2 of I of Article L. 121-17, the withdrawal period is extended to twelve months after the expiry the initial withdrawal period, as determined in accordance with Article L. 121-21.


However, where the provision of such information occurs during this extension, the withdrawal period shall expire after a period of fourteen days from the day the consumer receives that information.


Article L121-21-2

The consumer shall inform the trader of his decision to withdraw by sending it before the deadline provided for in Article L. 121-21, the withdrawal form mentioned in 2 ° of I of Article L. 121-17 or any other statement, unambiguous, expressing his desire to withdraw.


The professional may also allow the consumer to complete and submit online on its website, the form or statement in the first paragraph of this article. In this case, the professional shall forthwith communicate to the consumer an acknowledgment of withdrawal on a durable medium.

The burden of proof of exercising the right of withdrawal in accordance with this section weighs on consumers.


Article L121-21-3

The consumer returns or returns the goods to the trader or a person designated by the latter, without undue delay and, at the latest within fourteen days of the communication of its decision to withdraw in accordance with Article L. 121-21 -2, unless the trader has offered to collect the goods himself.


The consumer bears the direct costs of goods return, unless the trader agrees to take them to his office or has failed to inform the consumer that these costs are dependent. However, for off-premises contracts where the goods are delivered to the consumer's home at the time of conclusion of the contract, the trader collects the goods at his own expense if they can not normally be returned by post for their nature.


The responsibility of the consumer may be held liable in case of depreciation of assets resulting from the handling other than those necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and the proper functioning of the goods, provided that the trader has informed the consumer of his right of withdrawal pursuant to 2 ° of I of Article L. 121-17.


Article L121-21-4

When the right of withdrawal is exercised, the trader must refund the consumer the total amount paid, including the costs of delivery without undue delay and at the latest within fourteen days from the date on which it is informed of the consumer's decision to withdraw.


For contracts of sale of goods, unless he offered to collect the goods himself, the trader may withhold the reimbursement until recovery of property or until the consumer has supplied evidence of shipment of such goods, whichever is the first such occurrence.


In addition, the amounts due shall automatically be increased by the legal rate of interest if reimbursement made no later than ten days after the expiration of this period the first two paragraphs, 5% if the delay is between ten and twenty days, 10% if the delay is between twenty and thirty days, 20% if the delay is between thirty and sixty days, 50% between sixty and ninety days and five extra points again month delay to the product price and the legal interest rate.


Professional make this refund by using the same means of payment used by the consumer for the initial transaction, unless the consumer expressly agrees to use other means of payment and to the extent that the repayment does not cause cost to the consumer.


The professional is not required to pay additional fees if the consumer has expressly opted for a more expensive delivery method than the standard proposed by the professional delivery method.


Article L121-21-5

If the consumer wants the performance of a service starts before the end of the withdrawal period referred to in Article L. 121-21, professional collects his express request on paper or on a durable medium.


The consumer who has exercised his right of withdrawal from a contract to provide services where performance has begun, at his express request, before the end of the withdrawal period shall pay an amount equal to the professional service provided to the communication of its decision to withdraw; the amount is proportionate to the total price of the delivery agreed in the contract.


No amount is payable by the consumer who has exercised his right of withdrawal if his express request was not collected pursuant to the first paragraph of this article or if the professional did not respect the obligation of information referred to 4 ° of I of Article L. 121-17.


Article L121-21-6

The consumer who has exercised his right of withdrawal from a contract to supply digital content not supplied on a tangible medium is not liable for any amount if:


1. The trader has not obtained his prior express consent for the performance of the contract before the end of the withdrawal period as well as proof of his renunciation of the right of withdrawal;


2. The contract does not include the information specified in the second paragraph of Article L. 121-18-1 and L. 121-19-2.


Article L121-21-7

The exercise of the right of withdrawal shall terminate the obligations of the parties is to run the distance contract or off-premises contract, or to conclude when the consumer made an offer.


The exercise of the right of withdrawal of a major contract from a distance or off-premises automatically terminates any ancillary contracts, without charge to the consumer other than those specified in Articles L. 121-21-3 to L. 121-21- 5.


Article L121-21-8

The right of withdrawal may be exercised for contracts:


1. To supply fully executed before the end of the withdrawal period and services whose performance began after prior express consent of the consumer and expressly waiving his right of withdrawal;


2 ° provision of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market which controlled by the trader and which may occur during the withdrawal period;


3 ° provision of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized;


4. From supply of goods liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;


5. To provide goods which were unsealed by the consumer after delivery and can not be returned for hygiene or health protection reasons;


6. In providing goods which, having been delivered and by their nature, are mixed inseparably with other items;


7. From supply of alcoholic beverages whose delivery is delayed beyond thirty days and the value agreed at the conclusion of the contract depends on market fluctuations outside the professional control;


8. From maintenance and repair work to be carried out urgently to the consumer's home and expressly requested by it, within the limits of spare parts and strictly necessary work to respond to the emergency;


9 ° De supply of audio or video recordings or computer software that have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery;


10 ° De supply of a newspaper, periodical or magazine, except for the subscription contracts to these publications;


11 ° Concluded at a public auction;


12 ° From hosting services other than residential accommodation, goods transportation services, car rentals, catering or leisure activities to be provided on a date or at a specific period;


13 ° De supply of digital content not supplied on a tangible medium whose implementation began after prior express consent of the consumer and expressly waiving his right of withdrawal.



6.1 Fee Guide


The prices displayed on the site are indicated by product / service booked and may vary depending on dates and number of days selected. They include VAT and all other taxes (subject to change), unless otherwise indicated on the Site or on the booking confirmation email.


On the Site, a strikeout rate indicates the price normally proposed by the Supplier on the same date.


All offers are indicated in dollars or euros as the selected supplier. When the currency of the customer is neither the euro nor the dollar conversion fee will be applied by the Customer's bank during the booking procedure.


A currency converter will be posted on the Site. The currency converter is displayed on the Site only. It is in no way representative of the exchange rate at the time of booking.


All special offers and promotions are indicated as such.


These rates take into account the costs directly related to the provision of diving services by reservation. The Supplier is not responsible for the costs for the client who would not be directly related to diving services specified in the reservation, such as airline tickets.


6.2 Online payment


Payment will be made by the Clients via MANGOPAY, issuing electronic money payment interface made available by the Client MYSPOT for making reservations in advance.


No other method of payment is offered on the Website by the Company. This interface is managed by the company Leetchi Corp. S.A., Luxembourg company law, capital of 500 000, whose registered office is located 14 rue Aldringen, L-1118 Luxembourg and registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B173459. The use of this interface is handled contractually by the "Terms and Conditions of MANGOPAY service and use of electronic money '(hereinafter referred to as the" Terms MANGOPAY ").


Payments can be made using debit and credit cards listed on the Site. MYSPOT not responsible in case of payment other than those mentioned on the website be used or sent by post.


MANGOPAY holds a European license for electronic money institution. MANGOPAY collect money for third parties and becomes manager of electronic payment flows. The Providers reserve the right (within the technical possibilities offered by MangoPay services) to request an advance payment by bank transfer (if available) or by credit card and therefore pre-authorize credit card Client or levy a certain amount (sometimes without refund) on the same card when booking. In this case, the remaining amount will be debited once the service provided. Except in special cases, the amount of the benefit will be donated to the supplier no later than 15 days after the completion date of the entire delivery by the Supplier to the Customer or, in the event that the Supplier does would not have provided these bank details to MYSPOT, 15 days after receipt of the said bank details. [View with terms Mangopay]


If the completion date of the entire delivery by the Supplier to the Customer is not a business day, it shall be deemed to be the next business day for any order placed after 12am.


In the event that the transfers to the Supplier ( "cash-out") would be more than 2,500 euros and in the framework of European regulations on money laundering, The Supplier shall, for purposes of receiving the amount of services provided supply :

• Proof of identity of its president

• A justification of the official existence of the company [View with terms Mangopay]


6.3 MYSPOT costs

Although registration is free on, (MySpot) collects 15% service charge on the price of diving services apply to all bookings made with its online reservation system. MYSPOT fee helps to support the costs associated with the operation of the platform (development costs, Mango Pay service fees, service, communication costs, wages etc.)


If there are additional costs not included in the price of services, the Supplier shall clearly disclose the Platform or prevent MYSPOT email (



7.1 The platform allows suppliers to choose from the following cancellation policy:


- Flexible: the repayment is complete, up to 1 day before the date of commencement of the service, excluding expenses.

 - Moderate: full refund is up to 5 days before the date of commencement of the service, excluding expenses.

- Strict: reimbursement is 50% up to 1 week before the date of commencement of the service, excluding expenses.


The general cancellation and no-show specific to each supplier are indicated on their personal pages on the Site; they also reiterated during the booking process and in the booking confirmation email.

Service fees are not refundable.

In case of complaint from either party, MYSPOT must be informed within 24 hours after the start of the service.

MYSPOT can act as a mediator if necessary and decide in cases of conflict.

A reservation is officially canceled when the traveler sends an email with the subject cancellation to the following address

Applicable taxes will be withheld and remitted.

By default, the cancellation policy is moderate.


Cancellation and no show specific to each supplier are indicated on their personal pages on the Site; they also reiterated during the booking process and in the booking confirmation email.


7.2 In case of cancellation by a Client MYSPOT agrees that the Supplier be compensated as defined in the cancellation policy chosen by the center. By making a reservation with one of the partner providers MYSPOT, the Client agrees to have read and accepted the conditions of modification, cancellation and no-show, and any additional conditions of that provider that may apply to the reservation or may apply during their stay, including for services and / or products offered by the Supplier.


7.3 MYSPOT has the right to cancel the booking if MYSPOT a Customer has reason to believe is fraudulent. In this case, MYSPOT try to make contact with the customer using the email address that the Customer has communicated during booking, or with his bank. If MYSPOT is not able to contact the customer or his bank MYSPOT cancel his reservation without commitment from liability.


7.4 The Provider reserves the right to cancel or to provide services to another date if weather conditions make it impossible for the realization of the service at the date specified in the booking confirmation. However, the Supplier shall take other steps to provide equal quality or more dependents.


In case of force majeure or other unforeseeable circumstances, the Supplier agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to prevent MYSPOT soon as possible and to reimburse the costs associated with the reservation within 15 days of the end date provision.


Force majeure includes, without limitation, any fortuitous event, storm, tsunami, earthquake, epidemic, armed uprising, lockout, fire, riot, interference by civil or military authorities, compliance with regulations or orders of all government and act of war, declared or not.



8.1 MYSPOT offers this site as is and does everything possible to guarantee its updated his continued status and operation, but makes no warranty as to technical faults or the infallibility of the operation or about the fact the system or portal will be operational at any time.


8.2 MYSPOT provides an update service related via the Site. MYSPOT not part of the contract between the Customer to the Supplier; it acts only as an intermediary.

MYSPOT not be held responsible in any time for any direct or indirect damage caused by the Supplier (whatever be the associated consequences).

Moreover, MYSPOT shall be held at no time responsible for poor performance or non-performance of the delivery by the Supplier.


8.3 The information provided on the Site are based on the information provided by suppliers. therefore Suppliers are given access to an extranet through which they hold full responsibility to update all their rates, availability and other information displayed on the Site. Although MYSPOT strives to provide a quality service, MYSPOT can neither verify nor guarantee the accuracy, precision or completeness of the information, and can not be held responsible for any errors (including manifest and typographical errors) any interruption in service (due to a technical failure, whether temporary and / or partial breakdown, repair, upgrade, improvement or maintenance of our website or otherwise), any inaccurate, misleading or incorrect, or although any lack of information. Each Supplier remains responsible at all times of the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the (descriptive) information concerning him which are displayed on the Site, including its rates and availability. The site does not constitute and should not be considered as any form of recommendation or approval of the quality, service level or rating of each provider and related facility offered to customers.


8.4 In terms of tourist services, the responsibility MYSPOT is defined by article L. 211-16 of the Tourism Code.


8.5 In addition, the Founrisseur prohibited from introducing, by any means whatsoever, data may alter or affect the content or presentation of the Site.

Uploading photos / images on the website, the Founrisseur and warrants to hold all the copyrights on those photos / images as well as the express permission of the persons depicted.


By accepting CGUF herein, Founrisseur allows MYSPOT and assigns direct or indirect rights to publish, edit, copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, transform and generally operate all or part of photos / images uploaded to its websites (mobile) apps, promotional tools and publications (online and offline) for promotion, advertising, illustration of any activity by MYSPOT and / or its direct or indirect holders rights.


By downloading these photos / images, the Supplier accepts full legal and moral responsibility of all legal claims made by any third party (including, but not limited to accommodation owners) following the posting and use of these photos / images MYSPOT.


MYSPOT not responsible for pictures / images posted.


The Supplier who performed the upload pictures / images ensures that they do not contain viruses, Trojan horses or infected file and have no pornographic, illegal, obscene, offensive, objectionable or inappropriate and does not infringe the rights of any third party (law on intellectual property, copyright and right to respect for private life). Any photo / image do not meet the above criteria will not be published and / or may be deleted / removed at any time by MYSPOT without notice.



9.1 A space will be available to customers to enable them to note in particular the dive sites / centers / cruises and comment dive sites.


9.2 The Supplier recognizes that customers who used its services can freely express their opinions, positive or negative, and that those opinions may be displayed on


9.3 In the event that the Customer provides false, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, misleading or likely to mislead, MYSPOT may, upon proof of the Supplier, remove erroneous comments Guest. MYSPOT reasonable efforts to check the reviews in cases where there is reason to doubt the author.



10.1 MYSPOT reserves the right to unilaterally terminate at any time and without notice to its partnership with the Supplier and to delete their account Supplier Platform subject to prior notification to the Supplier by registered letter or any other international process for accused receipt of the letter.


10.2 The Service Provider may terminate terminate its partnership with MYSPOT and request deletion of his account but Supplier shall provide to the MYSPOT by registered letter or any other legal method to acknowledge receipt of the letter. The cancellation will take effect within 48 hours of receipt of the letter of termination.


10.3 The Supplier shall in any event to honor all reservations placed before such termination. Once the letter is received, MYSPOT agrees to take the request of that Supplier within 48 hours business day following receipt of the letter.



The Supplier to comply with legal and administrative obligations relating to the provision he has accomplished, including, among others, make the required tax and social returns because of the benefits generated by the Platform.


As an intermediary, MYSPOT agrees to comply with all legal and / or regulatory present and future information and communication Guest of the Platform.



The Supplier acknowledges that all information and documents made available by MYSPOT, learned or acquired in any manner whatsoever, or products, during or in the execution hereof, are the exclusive property of the Platform and is confidential; and the Service Provider undertakes to treat them as such.



The original version of these CGUF was drafted in French before being translated into other languages.

 These internally performed translations are provided solely as a courtesy and are not evidence. In case of dispute over the content or interpretation of these CGUF, or in the event of inconsistency or difference between the French version and a translated version, the French version shall prevail and prevail. The French version is available on our website (by selecting the interface in French) and can be sent upon written request from you to


The CGUF are governed by FRENCH LAW, excluding its conflict of law rules. To the extent permitted by French law, in case of dispute, jurisdiction is assigned to the competent courts in the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Paris.

The team Spotmydive