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Blue Marlin Dive Gili Air 06/10/2017

This is a huge dive site and one of the pearls of the Gilis. The shallow area is of the north east coast of Gili Trawangan where water is being pushed up from the deep. Massive schools of redtooth triggerfish and fuseliers swim into the current to feed. In this area you can find scorpionfish waiting for an opportunity to feed, moray eels and lion fish hiding between the rocks. The more experienced diver will dive the deeper section which is situated a little off of the coast of Gili Trawangan. Here there are a series of hills and valleys where the shallowest part is about 16m dropping down to about 32m. Huge sea fans and other interesting coral formations will fascinate you from start to finish. Sometimes you can spot a Leopard shark along with white tip and black tip reef sharks. The majority of the dive is around 20-30m which makes it excellent for nitrox certified divers. Deep Turbo has always been a favourite where exploring the reef and its marine life gives you a truly fascinating dive.
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