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  • PARA Damien

    Sail Rock is the best dive site in the Thailand Golf, a lot of big trevally batfish, giant barracuda and grouper, and if you’re lucky you can see giant moray and whale shark !!!!!!

  • Flo Fl K

    Very good dive, a chimney,different schools of Barracuda and giants one, up to 60 Batfishs can be easy met, many pairs of big Queen fish, no much macro but great for bigs, whalesharks stay for while around the sites when they show up. Potatoes groupers, big red Snappers, Sea urchins, Tiger Cowrie shells, slugs… hard corals. Visibility can be excellent like 30 metres and down not that often to ten Meters or less, in general no curent but can be, Good for deep dive to 35mts and shallow dive. Great for experienced divers and first try dive! Excellent dive site!!!

  • Laam Steve

    Sail Rock ’Hin Bai’ in Thai is the premier scuba diving site in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a bit far from ko tao around 1h / 1h30 boat ride. Sail Rock rises up 8m out of the water and the dive site has a maximum depth of over 40m. The actual rock wall drop down to below 20 metres, where it meets sand that gradually banks away. It was an amazing experience to ascend into a natural chimney. It was a very unique dive. There was a lot of people but still a very good dive experience.

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