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  • Camille L’abriquette

    Epave de bateau de pêche, tortue, anémones, baracouda ++++ Mais pas de requin au rendez-vous.

  • Meier Corinne

    This is one of our most popular dive sites because of its variety of wildlife. Shark Point is suitable for all levels of divers who can have all their own diving experience without interfering with each other. Because of this the site can be split up into a few different areas that over time have been given different names. From the island it starts with a gently sloping down reef known as Andy’s reef. Up to about 10 metres depth this is the best place to spot our famous green turtles. These magnificent an peaceful creatures can grow up to about 1 metre in size. Sloping down to about 20 meters there are all kinds of coral rocks where all sorts of angelfish, puffer fish, butterfly and trumpetfish, parrotfish in all colour variations and triggerfish can be found. A few days before and after full moon it is also likely to come across a school of bumphead parrotfish which are feeding on the hard corals. In the deep section the dive site lives up to its name. Here you are most likely to find whitetip and blacktip reef sharks. Between the ridges and valleys you will see them resting on the bottom but as soon as you come to close they will swim away. In this area there is an impressive variety of other marine life such as Trevally, barracuda, snapper and blue spotted stingrays. Especially when the currents are strong it is teeming with life and the dive then can be an adrenaline rush.

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