Who are we ?

Spotmydive is a new concept, imagined by three traveler-divers having had very diverse diving experiences in the wide world. The main problem we had in mind at the time was quite basic: find and list the best dive sites per country so that you can discover them and test them in your turn. After a diving trip to Malta, we realized that we had missed two magnificent wrecks. We had been badly advised but the information was also very scattered on the internet. In order to ensure that this mishap does not happen again, we have thought of a platform that would bring together all the elements essential to get the best out of your diving trips: the best destinations, the best spots and the best diving centers in the world. Launched in July 2016, Spotmydive has seen its community expanding quickly and participating rapidly in this great adventure. We would like to thank all those who have taken, take and will take the time to note, comment, advise, share their experiences and record their dives. In 2017, Spotmydive becomes more beautiful and new features are added to make it always more complete and playful. Most of the optimization of the website have come from advices and feedback from the community.

Meet the team